Forthcoming November 2021 Microgaming Slot Launches

Eager to play 바카라사이트 best new Microgaming slots? Let’s take a closer look at November 2021’s freshest releases coming your way.*

As the nights draw in, online slot(온라인 슬롯) players may be looking towards Christmas, but it’s still a busy time for developers.

In the fall, Microgaming still has a raft of major launches. In November, here are some of the top launches you will be able to enjoy at Betway Casino.

Talent of the Reel

The Reels: 5

Paylines: 20 Paylines:

Slot Highlights: Superspin, storage of icons, 96 percent RTPP

Released: 7 November 7 2021 Released:

You will warm up to Reel Talent if you are a fan of The X Factor, The Voice, or any of the hit talent shows on television these days.

The game, created by JTFW and Microgaming, mashes up the elements of The X Factor’s singing talent show and throws in a few pets for extra cuteness.

Reel Talent, played on five reels, features a re-spin trigger every time you win. Each win would also result in a ‘Symbol Storage’ meter alongside the reels being filled up. Collect three separate symbols and the ‘Showtime Super Spin’ will be triggered.

You have the ability to fill the screen with 15 similar symbols with this bonus. Depending on how many special symbols you fill your storage meter with, the game also features two smaller bonuses.

Rift Crystal

The Reels: 5

Paylines: 25 Paylines:

Highlights of Slots: Wild grids, bonus drop

Published: 21 November 2021

Crystal Rift, created by Rabcat for Microgaming, takes two common slot themes – reels and gems cascading – and merges them into one slick game.

The Crystal Rift is set deep in a cave full of gems. As winning symbol combinations are made, the symbols vanish from view to replace the ones sitting on the reels above.

A well-worn aspect of many slots is the ‘bonus falls’ feature. The wild grids are, however, what lifts Crystal Rift above the likes of Da Vinci Diamonds and countless copies.

There are four grids that can combine with the bonus falls to boost the player’s wins – Easy, Super, Mega, and Mad.

The Legends of Astro: Lyra and Erion

The Reels: 5

Paylines: 10 Paylines:

Slot highlights: free spins, milestones, respin features

Published: 21 November 2021

Created for Microgaming by Foxium, Astro Legends takes a famous retro vibe from the 1980s and ramps the action up to 11.

All about the latest five-reel slot screams synthwave: as you turn the reels and listen to a keyboard-heavy soundtrack, the whole game is saturated in neon.

The game is set on a distant planet and utilizes a special formation of 5×5 diamond reels.

In order to activate the arcade-style bonus round, multiplier wilds can be sticky to boost the winnings of players and unique ‘stardust’ icons can be obtained.

Icy Gems

The Reels: 5

Paylines: 20 Paylines:

Highlights of Slots: High max bets, respins, storage of symbols

Released: November 28th, 2021

Icy Gems, created by JFTW for Microgaming, features a symbol storage mechanism similar to Reel Talent. The symbol meter will fill up next to the reels when you hit a winning combo. A winning spin will cause a free respin as well.

You will trigger a special ‘Silver Super Spin’ bonus round featuring just those three symbols if you fill the meter with three individual symbols. This can lead to the player winning a big block.

However, if you fill the storage symbol with three of the same icon, you can cause the ‘Big Super Spin’. This is a special spin on the reels, using just one mark.

Therefore, it is possible to fill all the reels with 15 similar symbols — and a major win.

Enjoy free and great Microgaming slots at 바카라사이트

Slots from Microgaming are renowned for their consistency and features. And you can take your time picking out your favorite games with so much variety during 2021.